Accountants for Freelancers

Freelancing is never a 9am - 5pm Job. Maintaining current clients while also focusing on new and exciting prospects can really eat away at your time. Nevertheless is it imperative that your accounting doesn’t go to the back of the line. Brampton can help ease the stresses and in turn give you back some of that valuable time.


Filed on time, everytime

Never miss a deadline again


A personal service

A service tailored to you and your business.



No hidden fees

Accountants who work as hard as you do


Plans tailored to you

From giving you a salary that meets your needs to understanding which VAT scheme is best match for you, we will tailor your Ltd company services so that you are operating at maximum efficiency.


Meet your account manager

Your account manager will assist with everything in the world of contracting! From setting up your taxes to attaining professional indemnity insurance, running a freelancer Ltd company will be as easy for you as it is for all our freelancer clients.


Secure cloud based solutions

Our market leading cloud based software allows you to stay on top of all your accounting needs at any time.

We can help with more

Ready to switch accountants?

If you aren't getting the value you and your business deserves then it's time to become part of the Brampton family.


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